The moment you step beyond developers’ templates to custom-design (or retrofit) your home for high efficiency, minimal eco-footprint, and maximal integration with its surrounding ecosystem, you’re faced with challenges. Where to begin, how to hone, communicate, and implement your vision? And most critical – who to trust? It’s a complex process, often fraught with difficulty and frustration.

Our Adaptive Building Integration tool eliminates this struggle and transforms the (re)design and construction of your home into an exciting and enjoyable process. We listen to your concerns and work with you as an unbiased, trusted guide, identifying and analyzing your goals, budget, building end-use, and site conditions, to produce a high-performance home that interacts with and leverages the environment in which it’s placed.

We bring an engineering perspective to key decisions such as building placement, access, and zoning compliance, advising you on established and emerging technologies for materials, heating, power, and ventilation, and water and septic management. With this in-depth information and expert guidance, you move confidently and quickly through the decision-making process to arrive at a holistic design for your high-performance home.

Finally, we provide guidelines for finding the architect and builders who will best understand and execute your specifications, for a home that perfectly fits your needs now and for years to come.