Picture your home integrated in a lush, biodiverse, and self-sustaining environment that restores fertile soil and purifies the water and air, while sustaining plants, wildlife, and humans in the process. An oasis of plenty that seamlessly blends agriculture into native ecosystems, incorporating perennial food sources in forest, orchard, and pastureland.

Our Adaptive Land Design tool brings this integrated agroecology system to life on your property.  As ecological engineers, we protect and improve upon your site’s natural resources with systems-thinking perspectives and proven, multidisciplinary practices such as soils assessment and rehabilitation, nutrient cycling, ecosystem engineering, and livestock and wildlife management systems.

The result: an integrated natural and engineered ecosystem that buffers you against the impact of disaster, while it increases the long-term economic and environmental value of your property. In the truest sense this tool safeguards your land-based wealth: natural capital that remains steady – or even increases –  through all economic fluctuations.