For your home or farm to be truly sustainable and self-sufficient, you must have a safe and dependable supply of pure water…and protection from the dangers of drought, flooding, and erosion. Recognizing the management of water – a source of life, and source of risk – as central to the success of an environmentally integrated system, Adaptive Habitat makes it our first consideration in designing your property.

Using our unique, proprietary tool, Adaptive Water Planning, we identify and evaluate the water sources and patterns of flow across your site and deliver a custom water security plan that encompasses risk assessment, passive harvesting, overflow management and wastewater treatment. We employ proven processes for land-shaping, infiltration, wetland restoration, watershed management, and rainwater capture and distribution.

The result? Natural groundwater and deep aquifers are allowed to recharge over time, while onsite water stores yield a safe and ready resource for now and for the future.