The challenges of developing an enduring and resilient property don’t end with the master plan. Indeed, implementation brings fresh questions: honing design details and choosing contractors and subcontractors; setting up crucial infrastructure elements such as roads, renewable energy systems, and wastewater treatment…

Highest among these considerations, of course, is your home: a high-performance dwelling that combines beauty and comfort with a high efficiency and environmental integration. For such a home you’ll need an architect who will carry out the letter and spirit of your goals, not to mention a general contractor who will ensure that the highest quality standards are met in the materials and construction.

Adaptive Habitat shoulders these challenges (and more) with a meticulous engineering approach and well-honed, multidisciplinary toolkit. We’ll provide you with the data you need for key decisions, recommend expert contractors from our extensive network of professionals, and coordinate all aspects to bring the project home on time and under budget.